Ocean Equity Collective

WHO WE ARE | A program of the Next 100 Coalition – The Ocean Equity Collective is a Black, Indigenous, People of Color led and focused coalition of organizations and people in the ocean conservation space. Leaders in this space have come together to approach ocean conservation, protection, and appreciation in a holistic manner. Our aim is to foster the next generation of ocean stewardship. We envision a community-centered and led sustainability movement, where the ocean’s ecosystems are conserved, accessible, protected, and cherished by all people.

OUR MISSION | Ensuring all communities can participate in the protection and enjoyment of the ocean’s ecosystems by addressing the current and historical inequities built in the ocean conservation movement. Our mission is to continue cultural traditions, center communities, and work to build and support a movement that includes those who have been historically excluded.

OUR APPROACH | We are committed to moving forward with intention, which allows us to learn more about each other and better understand perspectives that each of us may have not previously heard.  The Ocean Equity Collective takes a four-pronged holistic approach to ocean conservation. We work on policy, education/narrative setting, solidarity/ally action and movement building. By considering these aspects of ocean conservation, we truly center the voices of all and ensure that equity and accessibility are part of the initial formation of ocean conservation and not an afterthought.


  • Collective Action & Movement Building
    • Long Term Goal: Build the infrastructure and programming in which underserved communities, coalitions, and the broader community are brought together to support each other and push forward a collective agenda.
  • Policy/Advocacy
    • Long Term Goal: Foster a well-informed and knowledgeable network of BIPOC leaders, advocates, and their communities who are prepared to push forward ocean/marine conservation and preserve cultural practices and traditions that support their needs at the local, state, and national level.
  • Education/Narrative Building
    • Long Term Goal: Develop communications and messaging that builds on the existing narrative working to elevate BIPOC in the ocean conservation space and the ways in which we are associated and connected to (or lack thereof) the ocean.
  • Partnerships/Allyship
    • Long Term Goal: Develop meaningful relationships with partners and organizations outside of the OEC and conservation issues to intentionally break down silos, while prioritizing the trust, strength, and safety of our coalition and the commitment to our mission.


Partnership and Collaboration with Ocean Equity Collective


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