Lands: A More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Conservation

The Next 100 Coalition members work together to advocate for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive conservation of lands and waters in the United States. The Next 100 Coalition works together to advocate for policy, legislation, and other actions at the state and federal levels that support communities and advances the leadership of Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian and other historically marginalized communities.

Agency Partnership: The U.S. Forest Service & The Next 100 Coalition

The Next 100 Coalition and the U.S. Forest Service Washington D.C. National Office are working together to foster relationships between the U.S Forest Service and leaders from Black, Indigenous, & Communities of Color with the goal of helping to identify and take actions to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the U.S. Forest Service. Read more about this partnership.

Ocean Equity Collective

A program of the Next 100 Coalition — the Ocean Equity Collective is a Black, Indigenous, People of Color led and focused coalition of organizations and people in the ocean conservation space. Leaders in this space have come together to approach ocean conservation, protection, and appreciation in a holistic manner.

Our aim is to foster the next generation of ocean stewardship. We envision a community-centered and led sustainability movement, where the ocean’s ecosystems are conserved, accessible, protected, and cherished by all people.

Read more about the Ocean Equity Collective.