We collaborate, invest in leadership, and bridge strategies for thriving, healthy nature-grounded communities for the next 100 years and beyond.

Our Approach:

Intergenerational Leadership


We trust in the insight of our community as a guide for a truly just environmental movement. Our collective action honors the wisdom of our elders and the innovation of our young people. Next 100 advocates for environmental systems and leadership structures built upon the knowledge, expertise, historical understanding, and cultural traditions of Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.


Environmental Boards & Commissions Institute

The Environmental Boards and Commissions Institute builds the pathways for leaders of color and allies within our environmental sector. It ensures that historically underrepresented voices have a seat at the table when it comes to decision-making by local, state, and federal environmental boards and commissions.

The Institute is dedicated to building the field of Black, Brown, and Indigenous environmental leadership by facilitating connection, engagement, and education in spaces where the leaders’ work and representation is vital.



Our network and program initiatives, trainings, and convenings provide an opportunity for leaders to share insights, strategies, and resources rooted in community expertise.


National Forest Community Recreation Fund

The Next 100 Coalition, in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service, is piloting the National Forest Community Recreation Fund, intended to increase recreation and participation among communities that historically lack access or infrequently visit national forests. While many factors contribute to these disparities, this Fund aims to provide support to recreation programs and gear libraries that consistently engage disproportionately affected communities and work towards addressing outdoor recreation and access disparities.


Collective Advocacy

Next 100 pursues opportunities to work with national and state-level partners on outdoor access, historic cultural preservation, conservation, and stewardship. Whether working with a state partner on support for grassroots advocates, or collaborating with environmental agencies on inclusive outdoor spaces, Next 100 is convening a movement that advances the leadership of Black, Brown, and Indigenous organizations, advocates, and allies.

We are a network for collective action. From bringing innovators together at the local, state, and national level to share in the wealth of each other’s knowledge and resources, to connecting leaders of color with relevant decision-makers to create a more inclusive system, Next 100 rises to the unique challenges presented by the next century of the environmental movement.

Intersectional Collaboration


Next 100 is a conduit for peers and networks to encourage learning, exchange, and increased collaboration on dynamic solutions for more cohesive conservation efforts and environmental stewardship. By supporting a coordinated movement, Next 100 nurtures collective action where the work being done today grows more unified tomorrow.


Ocean Equity Collective

The Ocean Equity Collective, an affinity program of the Next 100 Coalition, works to ensure all communities can participate in the protection and enjoyment of the ocean’s ecosystems. We do this by continuing in our cultural traditions, centering communities, and working to support a movement that is led by those who have been historically excluded.

Join Our Movement

Together we can be the change

Whether it’s through partnership, joining our network, or making a donation, your action makes a difference. Let’s work together to address the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.